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Products and Services

As authorized dealers for Heatmaster and Rinnai, McNeill Oil offers a wide variety of products to accommodate all your heating needs.

Heaters, gas logs, firepits and more

We also offer service and installation of fuel oil,

propane gas, gasoline, motor oil, heaters and more.


Other Services Include:


Diesel Fuel Oil • Gasoline • Motor Oil • K-1 Kerosene • Propane Gas


       Propane is in large demand these days as it is used in a variety of purposes. Propane is used extensively in cooking, heating, drying and so on. It is also used in electric appliances like washers, refrigerators, ovens, barbecue grills, pools, hot tubs, furnaces, generators etc. So the need for propane has grown extensively. We actively fill your fuel tanks and service them as required. We also offer maintenance and installation services for your motor vehicles and heaters. We provide gas utility services for residential as well as commercial needs.



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